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Say What You Mean: Why You Need to Communicate with Intention

Communications can be fraught with complication. Perceptions are deeply personal, and culture can change the meaning of words and phrases to the speaker or listener. Individual vocabulary varies from person to person, so more important is the context in which a communication style is presented. Consider the response you might have when you witness an […]

Yes You Can… But Can You Afford To?

“I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.” Remember that line from the old Popeye cartoons? Wimpy always wanted a burger but never had the money to pay. As an entrepreneur you’ve probably had a few Wimpy moments of your own. I know I have. Building a business from scratch often means hoping others […]

Framing the Year-End Conversation at Work

It’s that time of year again… appraisals, evaluations, bonuses, raises. You know what you want. You know you’ve worked hard, but this is a tricky topic. Lean in? Wait for Karma? (please don’t). There is a lot of advice out there. Unfortunately, the one thing most of these advice givers forget to tell you is […]

You Don’t Have To Blow Up Your Career To Be Heard.

I’m jumping on the bandwagon of Talia Jane, the young professional who, for all intents and purposes, just sabotaged her career and/or future prospects. This post includes some of the more egregious aspects of her letter to Yelp! CEO Jeremy Stoppelman as well as information on where she went wrong. Talia Jane wrote an open letter on Medium.com where […]

Are you a micromanager? How to tell.

Micromanaging! Nobody likes it and most micromanagers don’t even know they’re doing it. When they are aware of it they tend to rationalize it: an important project, a problem employee, etc. The reality is there are few reasons to micromanage, and it is meant to be done in the short term. Some micromanagers simply need […]

When doing what you love doesn’t pay.

We’ve all heard the expression “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” – True. But sometimes it also means you’ll never earn a nickel, either. What a horrible thought, but it happens. So, if what you love isn’t going to help you put food on the table and keep […]

3 steps to goal attainment

Goal setting, goal clarification, goal oriented behaviors…I focus a lot on goals. I mean, everything we do is goal directed. If a person has no goal directed behaviors we worry about them. There are a few schools of thought on goals and how to achieve them. I came across a systems approach in an article […]