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Power Up! and take charge
Don’t just make an effort – make the right effort.

Stand Up – Speak Up – Power Up!

Ready for results that match your ambition?
Whether you’re a leader, a career professional or an entrepreneur, Power Up! will get you out of your own way, so you can take charge of your success.

Who can Power Up!?

I partner with current and emerging leaders, corporate leadership teams, professionals and entrepreneurs who are ready to get noticed, get results and reach your full potential.

Why Power Up!?

Power Up! is a strategic method for high achieving professionals like you, who want to lead and succeed in their career and in business.

Power Up! draws on the science of success to align your logical, goal-setting brain with your emotional, instinctive brain. When you Power Up!, you’ll get out of your own way and master daily success practices and behaviors that will put you on the fast track to achievement.

With Power Up!, you’ll have a proven process for conquering any goal. Power Up! helps you determine your path to achievement and take consistent strategic action to get you there.

How to Power Up!

Coaching – I offer one-on-one coaching and group programs, both in person and remotely.

Consulting – I partner with corporations and start ups to transform skilled professionals into engaging leaders. High achievers will develop their own authentic leadership style, improve their communication skills, enhance team performance, master success behaviors and learn where to invest their energy for maximum results.

Speaking, Writing and Conferences  – I regularly speak at conferences and corporate events. I also write and contribute to forbes.com and huffingtonpostwomen.com

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What’s Your Power Play?

Power Up!™ Journal and Strategy Planner


Ready to PowerUp! your success?

The fastest and most effective way to achieve any goal is by creating an executable strategy – and taking consistent daily action towards it.

The Power Play Journal and Strategy Planner is my simple and effective system for defining your success strategy. You’ll figure out exactly what you need to do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to get the results you want. You’ll create a clear plan to make it happen and track your progress.

What Clients Say About Me & My Work

Dolores has been my go to person for when I need help on presentations, my website, and for my business. The confidence to rebrand my work and grow as a businesswoman is because of her straight talk, down to earth way of getting me to focus on what I need to get done.

Deirdre Ryan , Professional Branding PhotographerDeirdre Ryan Photography

I’ve found her to be wonderful, with her practical, personalized approach to personal achievement.  She’s a great listener and an innovative thinker.  She has a wide range of experience and is very wise. If you want to improve both your work and/or personal life, I highly recommend Dolores!!!!

Bill W. , Engineer

Working with Dolores complimented by her vast amount of experience and ability in translating my concepts and thoughts into an actionable program was phenomenal. I very much appreciated Dolores’ professionalism and level of expertise but more importantly her practical insight and guidance making my program, Maximizing Your Network a success.

Francine ParhamAuthor and Creator of Career Pocket Guides

Who am I? How can I help you succeed?

I am the founder of Power Up! Consulting

I’m Dolores DeGiacomo – and I’m passionate about your achievement. I’m a leadership and professional development consultant, coach, strategist, author, speaker and creator of The Power Up Method!™

With a decade + of leadership experience in a Fortune 100 corporation and an education in organizational psychology, I know that success takes more than just business ‘know how’. With consistent, strategic action and focused attention on proven daily success practices, you will enhance and accelerate your achievement.

I founded Power Up! Consulting in 2009 to help high performing professionals like you get clear on your goals, get out of your own way and cultivate the behaviors that will lead to your success.

I’ve worked with corporations, consultants and independent business owners on program development, employee assessment, research and in-depth reports.

I regularly contribute to conferences, symposiums, corporate training programs and publications like forbes.com and huffingtonpostwomen.com. Topics include success behaviors such as goal setting and leadership; employee engagement and diversity in the workplace.

Why do I do what I do? I believe that anyone who wants to succeed can succeed. My goal is to ensure that you have tools and strategies to make it happen.

Get the career you really want – not the default version.

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